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So touching,and so beautiful. God bless~
Beautiful expression of our struggle with sin but the redemption that can be ours.
This is such a powerful piece. I can so totally relate to the MC. Some times I find myself trodding down that dark and dangerous road.

I think I noticed a few tiny typos like should it be its mourning instead of its morning? And it seems instead of is scream. A proofreader would help you catch tiny things like that.

Overall, I think you did a lovely job. The pain in the beginning oozed off of the page until Jesus finds it and scoops it in his hand, releasing so many burdens through the power of his nail-hole hands. Beautiful
I'm sorry my vision is getting all blurry on me and I meant to say is seem, not scream, but it does show how easy it is to allow a typo to get past one. Keep writing those hauntingly beautiful words,
I can wrap my heart around this . . .
A nicely written poem that speaks to the heart. It is always the case when we are in trouble that we feel God is afar, but the truth is far from what we believe. I like the last stanza very very much.