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Who knows how much can result from a brief, heartfelt prayer that maintains a clear focus on how big God is - against the repetitous clamour of voices that try to shift him out of the way. Well done.
Deep truth, simply put. Over and over again. Well done.
I liked the flow of this... "Only You... I repeat forever more." Good job.
Praising the Lord’s unfathomable and limitless love, ability and mercy to set things right is certainly something to repeat over and over and over! I felt like I was watching someone seeing needs all around them and praying and praising God for the answers…in other words, this made me feel I was right there in the midst of this prayer! I loved the way it is simply but powerfully presented, its message to seek and praise God in all things! Great job on this!
I had just finished watching an episode of James and Betty Robison's "Life Today" program where they talked about drilling a water well for thirsty children in Jesus' name, before reading your entry. It made your entry even more poignant for me. There is so much hurting in our world. But God made our world and He is the "Father of the Fatherless." He knows what each of us need... Your piece was riveting; seemingly effortless with how it flowed. Part commentary; part prose and yet all done in a very poetic way. Tremendously styled and textured, a treasure of a piece! It made me cry... This should be our everyday heart's cry before our Lord. Thank you for reminding us that He alone is our redeemer and way out of any personal problem or social ill.
Wow this is a powerful piece. You really blew me away with the skillful way that you manipulated the words. I did see the pattern in the first letter of each line, but I think it's meaning went over my head. I am getting better, however, because now I can see the pattern. The juxtaposition of the top and bottom part of this just really sends the message home. Outstanding!
Excellent writing! You've really covered a lot in these few words and all of us can relate on some level; that's for sure. Just last night, the local news showed how out of control the people can be when fear of what could be enters the picture. A middle school boy wrote a "kill list", though he had not a single weapon in his home and no kind of record that would indicate acting on his list in any way. Thirteen-year-olds can do some really dumb things, but the locals have forgotten that in their fear. His teacher found the list and called the police. They put the boy in jail for four days and are now working on what charges they can prosecute him under. He did a dumb thing, he's thirteen...maybe it's just that, yet his mother will need to pay for a lawyer, find him a teacher to come to her house so she can still work and the boy can have schooling since he's been expelled from school...for a list. They can find nothing more than the list to indicate intentions. This boy needs Jesus and only Jesus will save him from the consequences. I loved this piece and can easily find others I don't even know who need only Jesus. Great job!
Oh yes, this is powerful stuff. By the time I got to the end my blood pressure was pumping and my mind was in rhythm with your good news. "They need You and nothing more" How wonderful is that?

This is excellence in writing.

God Bless
Congratulations on ranking 8th in level three!
I like the way you encapsulated the needs, yet tied it together to point the reader back to Christ as the answer - always the answer....