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I so enjoyed this piece with a powerful message.

God bless~
I, for one, am VERY glad that God is a God of repeats! :) There are some great reminders in here. Nice job.
I finally realized the longing inside of me all my life was God longing for me to come to Him and love Him, late in life but better late than never! Great message here and very well done.

God BLess, Lynn
I enjoyed your entry and the message it contained.

"In our current day and age, God never changed a bit. He repeats what He has done since Day 1 up to the present."

This is so true, just as it is true that we seem to never change. We repeat our disobedient behavior, but praise the Lord he repeats his mercy and grace.

Thanks for writing.
Very clear, comprehensive and positive challenge.
This is a good entry for the topic. You summed everything up well.
I liked the way you presented the topic. Well thought out and explained. Thank you for this precious reminder of his repetitive wooing.
I must say, God's great love is worth repeating over and over again. Very good reminder for us all. Keep on writing!
I'm so glad God's mercies are "new every morning" and that He never tires of forgiving us and drawing us to His heart! You have a very clear and well-thought-out message here!
You make some great points in this piece. It really made me stop and think and that's always a good thing.

I did spot some tiny errors like God chosen should be god had chosen or God chose. Also omnipotent is one word, though perhaps you were trying to show that omni means all; omniscience is all knowing, omnipotent is all powerful, and omnipresent means all the time.
By using the hyphen it did emphasis the all part of each word.

You're so right that as humans we mess up again and again. What wonderful news it is to know that Jesus is the answer to salvation. Nicely done.
There were some grammar issues, but what a beautiful message contained in this piece for all to ponder. Your piece reminded me of a verse in Ecclesiastes that says, "There is nothing new under the sun." As one writer already noted, we keep repeating our sins while God through Christ just keeps repeating His grace toward us. Praise be to God! Blessings to you...
This is like reading an open journal - words expressing a journey and discovery. One of my favorite lines: "He chases after us again and we think of Him a bit and return halfheartedly until something will just happen in a wink of an eye just when we least expect it." So, so true!
Congratulations for placing 7th in level three and 30 overall!