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Not sure why there is a formatting problem with your entry. You've expressed some wonderful thoughts, here. I felt like I was reading a journal entry. Challenge-wise, it's usually not a good idea to mention the Challenge in your actual entry. Perhaps a more creative angle would have been to show what you learned through a fictional character. Just a suggestion. I could sense the abundance of thankfulness you felt while writing this.
You have caught the very essence of the Christian walk. It is not about us working ourselves up to bloom for the Lord. It is about how He develops His bloom in us when we allow Him to do the work.
I really liked what you said in your journal: "Grace--unearned, can't be manufactured or created by me." That really hit home for me. You're completely right. I can't manufacture grace, no matter how good I am or how many good things I do. I like an acronym I heard for the word grace: God's Riches At Christ's Expense. It's not about me, it's all about Him.
This is a lovely piece. I can truly relate to it as this has been a year of changes for me with each child moving on to their next phase. It has seemed that this year, more than ever, God grants me blooms (or as I call them personal I love you's) We do need to pick up and carry on and allow the glory of God to flourish inside us so the whole world can see his grace. Lovely bit of writing.
Touching and meaningful. I enjoyed this whole piece.
Thank you. God bless~
Isn't it terrific when a topic appears that connects so well with an issue we've been wrestling with, or which we have had a breakthrough! A very positive and well-grounded devotional
Hi -

Thank you for this piece of true awareness. We need such reminders. Yes, GOD is forever faithful. His grace is sufficient...indeed.


Please note in your second paragraph - peak should be peek.