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It's sad how often this happens...yet how true it is that we have such potential to bloom where we're planted. Glad your friend found new love and, more importantly, didn't let that experience destroy her faith.
Your article makes a beautiful point that we all can take hope in. No matter how bleak our circumstances--when we walk with God--He will make us bloom:)
My only suggestion is that you stated the circumstance twice and maybe think about how you could just weave it all in one telling. God Bless
Sometimes life takes turns that we don't expect, much like in the life of your character. I think that the lesson you present is valid for everyone. We can bloom no matter where we are, or what situation we find ourselves in. Sure, some situations are harder than others, but by God's grace we can bloom even in difficulty.

In the process of reading your piece, you sent me scurrying to the dictionary to look up "acrimonious." Thank you for broadening my vocabulary.
Wow, this is a touching article. I'm so glad that it ended well for your friend. Right on topic. Thanks for sharing.
This is a powerful entry. I can see several different messages in this and I always enjoy stories that do this. Sometimes I feel like I'm alone or burdened down by the weeds in my life. I can either just moan and complain and stick it out weeds and all or I can ask Jesus to help me bloom into a beautiful flower that will not only brighten someone's day but also gives the glory to God. You did a fabulous job with this piece.
This is so well-earthed in its credibility, right on through to how the hope at the end (literally) bears fruit. The flower alone would have offered a glimpse, but you followed through so strongly. Well done.
Awesome work and congratulations on your well deserved "HC"!!!
Congrats on your well-deserved H.C.! It's getting a bit too cold to swim the Atlantic with your victory bouquet so I'll check on line this time,LOL! I'm happy for you!
Great to see that HC tag sitting so neatly alongside this entry - right where it belongs. Congratulations.