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This is a great story. You brought back many buried feeling from my youth when I lived across from a cemetery and my first job at age 12 was to mow it. In my mind I can still see the headstones and feel the feelings as I mowed past them. Then you went into the Lazarus story bringing it to life in a way many can understand. The author's note was quite intense and I think it should have been a final paragraph since many people will just skip or skim over footnotes. It's too powerful of a message to chance people missing it.
What a great title! Death and the cemetery are not final to One who holds power over death. Your Lazarus story is so fitting here and your message a stunning call to take off those graveclothes! Perfect application. I've heard that if the Lord hadn't specified "Lazarus" when he said, "Lazarus, come forth" that there would have been many come out of the grave. I'm thinking on your message here again.
I loved your take on this weeks topic. God's people don't have to be bound up, they can be free in Christ to fulfill the destiny God has for them...God bless you and thanks for sharing this...
I really like the way you've done this. Taking us first on a detailed tour through the cemetery, followed by an equally detailed experience of the parable of Lazarus. I felt that I was there, (nipping my nose.) The footnote was a sound and clear message and rounded the whole thing off perfectly. I thought perhaps it should be in the main body of the article, but then, that pesky word limit might have been a problem. To me, this is a top class entry. It's heading for my 'favourites box.'
Cemetaries are fascinating and I was fascinated to see how you'd combine it with this topic. To use the word again - 'fascinating' story. I was drawn in, not disappointed, and rewarded at the end. Thank you!
I like how the first and last lines tie the whole piece together, and I think the last sentence is such a perfect ending! :) Good job!
Interesting story but almost dead on the topic. (forgive the pun).

Colin (Gold Member)
CONGRATULATIONS NOEL! I knew this entry had star quality. Yippee!!!
Yay Noel! Congratulations! So happy to see your name on the EC list. God bless!
Very happy to see this, Noel - great job, top-drawer writing. Congratulations!!!
Congratulations on an AWESOME job and well deserved accolades my friend!
That has got to be #3!!! Congrats, Noel! I'm so pleased that this wonderful entry received an Editor's Choice award.
Congratulations! I'm not supposed to do a happy dance but I can't remember what I did say I'd do-was it a happy snore? Congratulations my friend You done good!
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS, Noel, on your E.C. and level wins for this excellent piece! WAY TO WRITE!! :D
Congratulations on your winning story. The contrast you posed was a clever take on the topic. Refreshing and original!
My heart is still jumping with the wonder of this. I started off amazed at your so accurate 'cemetery descriptions' but not sure where you were going with respect to the topic. Then wow! To retell the story of Lazarus in such a wonderful way in this context is both unusual and thrilling. Just wonderful and many congratulations oin a very well deserved win.
Oh, Noel, I LOVE this! I've always enjoyed Biblical fiction, and this was a fine example of it. Love it. Nice job, and congrats on 2nd place!
Congrats on your 2nd EC placing and 1st in Advanced. A great telling of the Lazarus story, contrasted with the dreariness of graveyards. And a challenge at the end. Well done.
Congrats! God Bless~
Great wordsmithing. Congrats.