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This was a pure delight to read. I think you did an outstanding job of nailing the topic. This piece has so many messages. I think the one that stands out to me the most would be that with a common thread we are all connected to one another in this small world of ours. The last line of your story was just perfect.
Wow! What a fantastic twist at the close - from 'concerned' criticism to being enulfed in grace and generosity. Should be a winner!
Take two, only this time let's try 'engulfed' in place of 'enulfed.'
A touching story. I almost gave up on it. Glad I didn't.
Thanks for sharing this touching story...God bless you and keep writing for His glory...
I liked this story! I used to wear hand-me-down clothes that did not match the style when we'd go back to the States for a few months! ha! I was totally relating as I read this story! I loved the twist and the positive ending.
I thoroughly enjoyed the unexpected ending and lesson about judging a book by its cover! Great job weaving your families personal missionary experience into this weeks challenge.
A really great story and a strong reminder that outward appearance often belies the real heart. Great writing. Congratulations on your EC.
I usually hate the mall. I'm very 'prideful'(!) about getting in and getting out and not being effected by what I see.

Your story is a delight and sheds a whole, better light on the mall in particular, and people groups in general.

I loved it!
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing. Great work.