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I want to cry this reminded me of my Grandmother's pantry. Good memories. I want a pantry like this! Excellent job in showing the full circle of life, and the one constant of God's provision.
Wow! I think this is one of the most creative stories I've ever read. This quarter, the topics are all so closely related that it seems like almost every story is a slightly different version of one told before. This though is a work of brilliant uniqueness. I loved how you came full circle at the end. This is an outstanding example of an out of the box POV and a delightful read.
Great job. There have been stories in here that had a Clock speaking, and other various inanimate objects...all so clever. And, now this entry joins the ranks of the others.

Interesting and unique with a vivid imagination. Loved everything about it.

This will be one of the winners for sure. I can tell.

God bless~
I thoroughly enjoyed the unique point of view in your creative and nostalgic story!
This excellent entry should rank right up there!
Incredibly clever and well-written! Your pantry shelves made me laugh and cry, ending with a heart-tugging review of my own life. Isn't that what good writing should do? Great job!
Great writing! Sounds like my pantry through the years. Good, strong sentences.
Okay, I will be blunt - your entry is Awesome! I love the viewpoint, it is so 'out of the box' original. Fantastic job!
I could be wrong, but since overall you placed 9th and earned an EC, I do believe your story was inadvertently left out from the rankings in level 3. You done good, my friend! Happy Dance! If I'm not mistaken this is your 3rd EC moving you up to Masters? No matter what you are ready my friend! Happy Dance! And one more Happy Dance!!
Congratulations! See? I knew you would be one of the winners...great job.

God Bless~