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Such a sweet story and a wonderful ending. I could read things like this all day. Such a wonderful reminder that God takes care of the little things, and loves to go beyond 'what we ask or think'.
This is a sweet story. I felt like I was watching a TV show as I read through it. You did a nice job of building the characters and the twist ending was great.
Fantastic article! Certainly true that God loves to put families back together and how exciting to see that in action here. You had me hooked from the first sentence to the last and, truly, I didn't see the ending coming. Touching,warm story that is guaranteed to push that tears of sadness lever right over to the tears of joy in under 750 words. . Excellent job!
Wow, how wonderful to learn that this was based on a true story! God is so good to keep such a careful eye on us, isn't He? Thanks for sharing the story.
Neat story! However, I had a bit of a problem with the Windex blue eyes. Does anyone really have eyes that color? When a lone tear slid down her cheek I couldn't help but imagine Windex-blue tears!
I never get tired of happy endings, and this was a great one! Well done.
A heart-warming story. Excellent crafting and story plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Well done on a nicely written piece!
Well written and a great surprise ending. It held my interest throughout.
What an amazing story! So well written and engaging ... it grabbed you at the outset and never let go. I especially liked when the Stacy told her mom how pretty she looked when she smiled. That well placed line really framed so much of the both struggle the MCs had been through and the corner that was turned as hope became possible.

The ending was a wonderful finish to the story. I agree with Dannie ... you accomplished SO much in 750 words. Awesome work!