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Beautifully written. Song of Solomon is one of my favorite books of the Bible. The theme is symbolic of our salvation- love's call, sin-rejection, salvation-repentance, sanctification-consummation. It is also a moment by moment life story. We are secure in His love, but we should always be ready to receive Him when He calls.
This line is sheer perfection: Reaching his hand through the door of my heart, he crushes the hardened myrrh within. This piece is wonderful!
Nicely written. I have to wonder about the translation you are using though... "my bowels were moved for him :)
Yes, a beautiful piece.
Beautifully written with a timely message. :-)
Yes, beautifully written and oh, so true. Praise God for your fruitful imagination. yeggy
Descriptive and lyrical, great title too.
:) Karen
Nice feeling there. And my heart stops from reading. I need to refuel.
What a beautifully written message of truth. I could just "feel" your words as I read them.
What a wonderful story of life and love. Way to go!:)
Loved the interplay of the physical and spiritual levels. Agree with Sally's comment about the translation you chose - one line in particular inspired 'myrrth'. Well done.
Very nicely done -
I identify so strongly with this piece ... and even more so, being 'Suzanne', meaning 'Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon'. Unfortunately, also one who struggles to get out of bed to spend time with her beloved. You've written beautifully, your ability with words is like a work of art, and I really really really love this piece.
Crista, as always, this was excellent. You were right up there in the high places as far as rankings go - placing 14th overall (out of 145 entries). Well done! With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)