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This was SUCH a fun read. My goodness. I could see this turning out to be a full-fledged feature-film. Great job! Thanks for sharing!
The humor in this is wonderful and the message doesn't cloy the senses.
I had a hard time reconciling the lighthearted mood of this story with the topic of religious oppression and jailbreak. It's very well-written, but it just caused me some cognitive dissonance. Still, I too would love to see more of these ladies and their was very entertaining.
Hee hee hee... A funny story, I too could see it being worked to a evening movie. Good Job.
I see Jan's point, but somehow it works. I like the way the plot intensifies while you keep the reader laughing. Another piece of great writing:)
I knew it i knew ... spies indeed... good job kiddo.
Hehe - a good read.
I'm still not quite sure how you got out of the office, past the two (or three lol) Os, but the plot line was humorous and flowed pretty well.
I can see where the seriousness of the situation could conflict with the humor, but then...when God's on our side, things don't seem so hard, do they? :)
Don't you hate word limits? I too would have loved more details. I enjoyed the light-heartedness. Liked the whole thing. Good job!
Very very fun : ) Can't wait to read some more adventures of the ladies :)
A fun-filled, madcap caper. I agree with Jan (and you, from the thread) that your setting needs to be lighter to go along with the humor. Good work, as always!
I had to read the story again to see where you were going, but enjoyed it immensely! Funny, witty plot, and the ending was hilarious! I agree with others: make this longer. =)
An enjoyable and light-hearted read, however I feel you need to change the setting - it certainly causes as Jan has said 'some cognitive dissonance'. But a fun read. Well done.
Amy - I had a blast reading this. Thanks for the fun ride! It was great! :)
Reminds me of the Red Hat Society, but this one is much more fun! I can see the ladies having all kinds of capers. LOL :D
Hahahaha! Very amusing.
It seems almost unbelievable this "secret society"... but what would I know about societies. I'm in China with no societies... :(