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This is a heart-wrenching story. Knowing that it is true presses the thought that many parents right this second are enduring a similar crisis. I used to work in OB> I loved it because most of the time it is the happiest place in the hospital. However when it is sad, it is the saddest place in the hospital. Thank you for the courage to share your story. I believe it will help many who are grieving a similar experience.
God loved the baby more. Times that is all there is to say. I feel your pain. Thanks for sharing.
I am so humbled that you chose to share this tender and painful story with us.

My heart broke reading this...And, for all parents in a similar situation.

She is a beautiful Angel for sure in God's kingdom where she will greet you one day.

Thank you for this sobering story.

May God Bless you all~
Hi -

Thank you for sharing this precious piece. It's heart stirring indeed.

Glory to our Lord for His thoughts and ways that are higher than ours. Surely, your grandchild is in the best place.

Praise GOD that He comforts like no other.
Thank you for sharing this. May these words you have penned help you find a certain amount of release in loving memory of one who is now safe in the hands of our Lord.
I am amazed that you have packed so much into a 750 limit without once becoming superficial or glib. The depth and brevity of your work resonates with integrity, and I pray your family will radiate God's peace in spite of the questions that will always try to dislodge it.
Congratulations on taking 1st place in Level 3 and ... 1st place overall! So proud of you!
I too would like to thank you for sharing your heartbreak and your story. I am sure it brought tears to many eyes. I particularly love how you are able to share the glimpses of God's loving kindness in such a tragic situation - the oneness of such different family members, the doctor's willingness to try, his eyes full of compassion, his hug and his tender words. May you continue to know His miracles. Congratulations on this so well deserved 1st place.
Congratulations on your winning entry. Your win is cheered by angels in heaven, in recognition of all you, your family, and caring hospital staff did to prolong the life of God's gift.

Keep Winging His Words...
This touched me on so many levels. Beautiful, heart wrenching writing that will move all who read it. And I could actually feel the love, unity, and anxiety of the family in your words. You are a gifted writer used by God. I too want to thank you for sharing such a personal story. May God continue to comfort each one.
Thank you so much for the blessing you've given us in sharing this story. You did an excellent job of writing. I was a NICU nurse so identified with your hospital staff in this situation. Congrats on, not only the first place win in the category, but also in being in the first place position on the E.C. list! Cheering for you in the Best of the Best!
Congratulations! Good story, very well written. There certainly are different types of healing. Angel was truly healed!
With tears in my eyes, I tell you that this story is not only well written, it is a testimony to God, to Angel and to family. However we may be shaped, family comes together to form a giant heart when circumstances call for support.
Thanks so much for the kind words. I was humbled and blessed by placing 1st in Level 3 and EC - cried a little, danced a happy dance a little. Although this happened 8 years ago, writing it brought back all the emotions. Limited to 750 words wasn't enough to convey how this drew our family closer or the lives that were touched by Angel's brief stay on earth. My in-laws gave their hearts to the Lord through praying for Angel. A hospital nurse, and others came to Angel's funeral and heard the gospel for the first time, presented by my minister sons-in-law. EVERY LIFE HAS A PURPOSE, no matter how brief!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations on your wonderful entry placing #1 overall.. Well deserved!
An inspiration to so many. Thank you for sharing your family's awesome testimony. God strengthens and encourages us in ways beyond our finite thoughts.

Congratulations and so well deserved. An outstanding story.
Congratulations on your win - so well-deserved. Great work.
Thank you for sharing this story, so tender and moving. You did an amazing job with this piece. Simply beautiful.