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Wow, good story. I liked the confidence in her Lord and Savior who sustained her during this incident!

The feelings are so intense, I just knew it had to be a true story!

This is a great story. I can't imagine being so calm in such a terrifying predicament. But then God has a way of offering comfort. One of the things that impressed me most was the MC said Jesus won't let you. It was an act of concern for the bad guy, showing the reader that God's love does apply to everyone. I think this is a great message and a wonderful show of faith.
Truth is stranger than fiction! God took control in a situation far out of control. Both hitchhiking and picking up those thumbing for a ride is risky business. This is a suspense thriller and would be a powerful movie.

Wing His Words!
This story made my heart thump wildly as I prayed for the MC to escape safely. When I saw it was a TRUE account, it made my heart pound even more so! Wow!

I am so glad you escaped unharmed...God was with you, Praise the Lord. And, I am glad you learned your lesson.

Well written and certainly on topic. Thank you.

God bless~
Thank God, thank God you escaped. It pays to serve the Lord and have Him and His angels looking out for us. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
Wow! I was very surprised to find this was a true story. How terrifying! I'm so glad you lived to tell the story, and you told it very, very well!
I wonder what the angel did to cause the out-of-a-box traffic jam? Whatever it was, it saved your life. Thank you, Father.

A well told testimony that balanced the faith and fear just right.

My only pause was when he shouted 'Shut up! Shut up!', but he was the one who had just been speaking.

Not really a big issue in a well told entry.
Thank God for His protection and timing! An excellent written piece that kept me reading from start to the end. God bless.
What a powerful true story of God's protecting hand!
Hooray! 2nd Place Entry!
Dannie did it again! It is a power-packed-story.

Wing His Words!
Congratulations! happy dance!
Great job Dannie! And congrats on your 2nd place finish!!!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations on placing #2 in level 3 and #14 overall. Great entry!
Congratulations for placing 14th overall! Another Happy Dance!
A gripping story and chilling in that it is true. Well done and so glad that God provided a way of escape. Cpngratuations!
Yay! Congrats! Good job. One of my favs.