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You've done an excellent job bringing us into this story... a favorite of mine. How beautifully it shows how the Lord looks at the heart and uses those who are willing, regardless of what others might think. Indeed, you've made a good point here... are we seeing others as God does or as the world does?
You made some great points in this Bible study. I really enjoyed how you opened my eyes. Good job.
A beautiful job with this well written and riveting entry. I have been to Bible studies where it was told, that she wasn't a prostitute. In fact a smart business woman who made fine "linen clothing" and she hid the men on the roof under all of her rolls of material. It was an interesting Bible study, even looking at the "orginal Hebrew" transcipts, showing it never referred to her as a prostitute.

In any case, I just wanted to share that...I loved this story. Great job.

God Bless~
Hi -

The story of Rahab is one of my favorites.

I immensely enjoyed this read. It is engaging and proves the glory of GOD and how He elects to handle His business. Our Lord has plenty of ways to guide people to advance His kingdom.

How amazing also that Jesus came from the lineage of Rahab - Matthew 1:5 and Ruth 4:21.
'...our past can no longer hold us captive.'

I love it. That is one great message and you gave it very well.

thank you.
Rahab is such an example of the mercy and forgiveness of God, for she is also listed in the ancestry of Jesus. The amazing, redemptive love of God!
You gave a clear and compelling historical account of Rahab's story. I like your introduction.

I think "Making it easy to find for travelers," might be better written as: "Making it easy for travelers to find."
I love your thought about God using us right where we live. We "live" in so many places at different times in our lives and yet He continues to see us as usable.

Many wonderful applications to Rahab's story here.
Nice job. Did you know Rahab is also one of only five (I think?)women specifically mentioned in Jesus' genealogy in Matthew 1?

My only suggestion would be to tell us something that is little known about Rahab. Generally, devotionals work best if it's more than a retelling of what we know.

This, however, was not a bad retelling at all. In fact, it was quite good.
Excellent non-fiction piece to emphasize how God uses us no matter what titles are thrust upon us, even if they are of our own doing. An easy read with a needed message.
A nicely written piece with a clear message of God's forgiveness.
My past does not determine my future....LOVE this. God Bless and thank you, very very good
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