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First of all ... good for you! I applaud your willingness to stick your neck out and defend someone who was being run over by a "system." This was so well written. In the beginning, it was a little foggy as to which character was speaking but after the 1st paragraph I caught on.

I really could feel the old woman's despair and pain. I could also connect with the MC's love for her and deserve to help. Very nice job!
Oh, so happy it worked out for Mrs. Emerson and grateful for loving, dedicated staff like "Mrs. Director" who look out for the best interest of their clients. Well written especially the dialogue. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
Moving and well-written. Just one suggestion: the phrase "An idiosyncrasy she displayed when she was uncomfortable, or hurting." is superfluous. You've already shown us in graphic words exactly how she's feeling. You don't need to tell us as well. A very enjoyable read.
Oh this was so well written and touching, even more so that it is a true story! Thank God there are still earth angels out there like you were on this jobthose willing to put themselves in the predicament of losing their job to help someone in need. Applause for this story, but much more applause for your selfless act of kindness.
I enjoyed reading this and I think I know who wrote it. Good job.
Wow, I enjoyed this story a lot. Often it seems like many doctors or nurses don't advocate for their patients nowadays. But that is such an important lesson. We need to take better care of our elderly. Thank you for working diligently on their behalf.
Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing this story and how the Father must have rejoiced at your concern for one of His widows. His heart is with the orphans and widows and He is blessed when we are His hands extended for them.
This was a nice read. Thank you.
A great story of clarity and compassion breaking down bean-counting bureaucrazy(!) Very-well told.
This is an excellent piece. As Christians, we are often placed with a difficult choice to decide on what is right or to just ignore and follow the norm. You have done well, and God knows your heart.
What a wonderful,caring director you were. This entry oozes compassion and kindness to someone in need. A lovely story and beautifully written. I know who you are!