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HA HA HA HA! I seriously laughed for at least a full minute. I love this. What a great way to start my day. Excuse me __ HA AH HA HA AH AH HA AH HA!!!!!
Hysterical piece...and completely on topic.

It made me laugh and smile throughout the entire piece. Clever story!

Thanks for this. God Bless~
You built the story up perfectly, and ended with a hilarious bang. In the end, I had to fluctuate between laughing and feeling sorry for poor Steve! Great job!
The fact that Steve rushed in to display his dirty laundry before a full pizzaria shows his lack of understanding of the subtleties of life. I know a guy like this. They feel so strongly about things and when they hurt, they hurt deep.

This made for a very funny story, but in real life, how hard it would be to explain to Steve what had gone wrong. Great presentation.
You have such a fun method of storytelling that makes the reader smile even at the most subtle descriptions. Such as Brad's "sublime foot-skills."

This piece was hilarious, and really great for the topic. Loved it! :)
Ah ... I know two people exactly like this clumsy hulk. It was familiar territory and incredibly funny all the way through to the punch line. I once heard someone's chat up line - 'Yer dunt sweat much for a fat lass!'
What a joy to read this humorous tale! Poor Steve, you can't help but love him! Thanks for the great laugh! God bless!
Very funny! How we encourage people with the right words is certainly of utmost importance, and you've shown us in this story how wrong words can make a difference. LOL! An interesting read.
Yep, that probably didn't encourage her much. Ha! I enjoyed the clues your left throughout, and how nothing here ended as expected. Great work! I'm still smiling.
Congratulations for ranking 7th in level 3!
Congrats on ranking 7th, Noel! Loved this piece. :)
Well congratuflippinlations to you Noel. That's my noelogism!