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I didn't see the title at first. What a brilliant play on words. You did an awesome job getting into Job's head.
A completely clever and powerful entry. Nicely put together. Especially good job of internalizing the MC's feelings/thoughts.

Great job! God Bless~
Just a terrific job showing Job and his encouragers. I was engrossed in this beginning to end, so well written! Loved it!
Great take on the story of Job.

I'm so glad we know now what Job didn't know then - that even though God "allowed" those things to happen it was Satan who schemed and perpetrated those acts against Job.

In the past, I found myself blaming God for all the "evil" in my life, but God is not evil, so He literally can't give it, but only allow Satan to do it to test our faith. And not for His (God's) benefit (He already knows), but for our own benefit. To see where we are in our faith, and is it "real"?

Very cleaver way of telling the story in a personal/contemporary way!
Fantastic piece of writing. I really liked the contemporary wording of the ageless story. You gave Job a modern personality and voice. Well done!
This is great! I'd love to use this as a church skit, I think it would go down a treat to see the sarcasm in Job's manner, and the friends and wife could be really exaggerated. I love this, such a great piece of writing. Well done.
I always love a new spin on a Bible story! Great writing and wonderful at drawing the reader in! Good job with this one. God bless!
I love it when God puts a story in our heads last minute! I woke at 4:30 am on Thursday to write mine!
An interesting approach to the retelling of the story of Job.
Hey, nice....I like how you leave the story just as God shows up....we all know what's coming.....I never really understood all that his friends said....sounded like a Shakespeare play to me.
Nice ironic tone here. I wanted a little more showing and less telling, but your creativity is awesome! Great choice for this topic.
Congratulations on a well deserved 1st place finish!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations! I am so pleased this placed so well, this is great. Well done!
Congratulations on your EC Happy Dance!
Congratulations Amanda on a job well done!