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This was a very interesting and delightful way of presenting this topic. I loved the whole idea of a play with of who we are as characters.

I'm not sure you needed the summary (about the new year's resolutions). The opening lines references that and this dialog could fit any time, not just New Year's. Also, I wasn't sure if there was a point that was attempted by having so much of STRENGTH's lines bolded so I may have missed something there.

This was very well done and enjoyable to read. Thanks!
A most interesting read - and a very deep powerful message. Nicely done.
God Bless~
Great message! Thanks for sharing. God bless!
This is oh so creative! I would love to see this done as a church drama! Well done.
How creative! I enjoyed this all the way through. I could tell, because I smiled the entire time, and I kept feeling like I wanted to jump into the conversation.

Sorry Mind, but I have to take sides with Strength. Being predisposed to low blood sugar, I often worry about the absence of food, because once that sugar starts to drop, it crashes fast. I can't even fathom taking a fast...

However, I once had an experience -- too long to share here -- where divine intervention reversed a blood sugar crash -- no food required! It was pretty amazing.
Really enjoyed this. Being a thespian at heart I envisioned it on stage - in the appropriately colored t-shirts of course. Well done!