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Interesting story. IT provides a different spin on this well told account from the Lord's point of view.

A helpful note about vertical spaces in between paragraphs for ease of reading. Other than that, I thought the piece was well written.
This, one of the better known scriptures- has been done so many times.

I did it several months back - from the woman's point of view. Someone just did it last week. However, in all the times it has resurfaced- I have never read it as "Jesus' point of view." So this was very interesting and a fresh take on John 8:7.

I liked it! Good job.
God Bless~
A great reminder about judging others and how Jesus sees not our sin but our need! God bless!
I can't help but think that Jesus wouldn't need to avoid looking at a naked woman since He'd see her as a person, not a lust object. But the story was an interesting take; nakedness is a good metaphor for the inappropriateness of the situation.
I've never seen this particular scripture written from the view point of Christ. Interesting---.

As critique, you need to work on paragraph structure. *) Outside of that, well done.