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Wow ... you certainly cover a lot of ground as it pertains to the modern history of witnessing methods. I think you covered the topic well in presenting where these methods often create confusion.

While I may not have any issues with some of the methods you find less than pleasing, I do understadn your point about letting the Holy Spirit guide us. That is so needed, whether we are using a script to guide us or not.

This was well written. Nice job!
I truly enjoyed this entry. And, I agree fully with being led by the Spirit, and one can never go wrong following Him.

Nice job. God Bless~
I liked when you said that sometimes a lost person can feel saved and a saved person can feel lost. But we can never go wrong when we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our witnessing. I think methods are just a means to equip the timid, nervous, and unskilled. Most people with a genuine desire to witness learn to depend on the Holy Spirit. Good piece! God bless!
You put a great deal of thought into this piece. I agree we need to rely on the Holy Spirit's guidance and, above all, have love for the people we are witnessing to! For without love, we are but noisy bells. Well done.
I agree with your well-presented arguments.

This essay reminds me of a witnessing method I found rather frightening. Out of a big white van spilled men and women armed with bull horns and children armed with signs. These people captured all four courners of a large intersection and started screaming at all the passersby, saying, basically, they'd better hurry and run to the nearest church or they're going to burn in hell.

I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, and mind, and this scene terrified me.

Anyway, I enjoyed hearing your two cents.