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Love this - totally love this! Masterful use of other moments of commitment in scripture...all leading to the ultimate commitment. Heartwrenching, agonizing and beautiful. I will remember this one for a very long time.
The story is gripping; making the Christian's heart ache in recognition of the scene! My only critique would be that you do have a couple of grammar/spelling errors. Well done!
Beautiful job. I truly enjoy the entries that relate to scriptures the most - and this one was just that, and certainly was a worthy read. God Bless~
This story of Christ's trial says it all, summing commitment up in one word: Jesus.

Your references to Noah and to Abraham are like icing on the cake.
We can never be reminded enough of Jesus' commitment to us and what it cost! Loved this! God bless!
What a picture! Your storytelling has put me right into the scene, a place of love, place of choice, as well as commitment.I am reminded once again of all Jesus has done for me. Thank you for sharing.
Great title, short and to the point.

There's plenty of descriptive writing here, but sometimes overused.

Consider your word choices. They should be concise and with clear meaning. For ex.
"Forced his eyes to open" rather than, "willed the orbs open."
"Cracked lips ascended like the morning sun." Here, the meaning is unclear.

Thanks for reminding us that Calvary was indeed the ultimate commitment!
I really enjoyed this journey to the cross as seen through His eyes. You did a great job of nailing the topic. It reminds me of a story I wrote, On a Hill Far Away. Our stories would complement each other nicely. Congratulations for ranking 6th in level three!