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I think I smiled all the way through this because this is exactly what my husband is experiencing right now at the age of 56. In fact, I got him a "Muscle Cars" book for Christmas.
I thought about reading this story to him, but hate to "spoil" his fun! Your story is so believable, authentic, well-written, challenging, and fun. Terrific job of SHOWING commitment. Wonderful title, too. Hope the church gets the youth building AND you get your dream car. ;-)
Isn't it funny how when we work so hard to achieve a goal only to get there and realize other things matter more? I enjoyed the thrill of your ride, and discerning what really matters.

You say your wife is satisfied. It is never too late to take that Alaskan cruise and exceed her expectations.
This was such an enjoyable read. I smiled and enjoyed this from start to finish. Thank you for this. God Bless~
Nicely done. I can relate to this, having a Jag XKE as my dream car that I have never acquired for the same reason.
This was fantastic! Loved the descriptive detail, the emotion, the flow, and everything else.

Very nicely done.

I must say I love this story. Love it, love it, love it. Did I happen to mention how much I enjoyed reading it? It is, after all, every woman's dream: have husband give up toys for sake of God and family.
wow!! This is an excellent story: says so much without saying it directly. The title pulls the reader in immediately and the piece hits the ground running. Full of emotion and conflict without being judgemental or cynical. This really captures the complexities of life. Great job. My only caveat... stretches credulity to think of an 18 year old imagining him/herself as ever being 50! LOL
I, who don't care for muscle cars, was caught up in the feel of the drive in that car, as if I were experiencing it myself. I was so proud of the MC for his choice at the end, I wanted to cheer and clap! Great writing! Wonderful story! God bless!
Way to go, Annie! Congrats on your ribbon ~ clap clap clap!!!
Nicely done! Congrats!
God Bless~
An excellent piece and enjoyable read! Congratulation on winning third at your level!
Congratulations dear Annie! Well done!