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My my ... Your writing rings emotionally charged decisions on what seems to be your opinion on who is truly Israel. You writing is electric. My concern is do you have it rightly discerned? Be careful on absolutes unless you absolutely know. Otherwise, the written is charged powerfully. Be careful on the direction you send your message. Great choice of words that move and stir the human psyche.
This is interesting.

I think you may have missed the new topic.... This one was supposed to be computer virus/hacker.

You give people a lot of information to digest and think about.
I realize this was intended for last week's topic. I think you did a nice job of showing the parallels. I did notice you repeated several words like evil and social media. This was a bit daunting for the word limit but you definitely showed your passion in your words and left the reader with ideas to ponder.
This was well-written. You certainly did a good job of communicating yourself. I must admit, though, that this feels like you are trying to push an agenda. Maybe this message would be more appropriate for close friends who know your intentions?
Ben Graber is very naive. Satan is a conspiracy. I can back up everything I've said. Censorship will not be tolerated.