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Very funny, I totally enjoyed reading this twist on the topic.
Talk about a high-tech church! They really wanted to catch that guy. Lesson learned: people should refrain from using their iPads to take sermon notes. ;)

This was an amusing story.
Oh this was so clever and so entertaining. I really enjoyed this. It was crisp, fresh and full of life. Nicely done. Great job.
God Bless~
Funny! Love the ending! Good job!
Another strong story delivered on the current topic using terms easy to identify with.

I noticed a few areas where I couldn't identify the speaker which caused me to back track.

I like the idea of using a written agenda to tell the rest of the story. I did feel though that it would be more formal and less storybook format.

I do like the flow and progression of the story. However, I'm a bit confused. Pastor Rick seems unsure of what happened in the beginning, but he was the one who called the swat team to apprehend the hacker. Also, the hacking seemed a 'spur of the moment' discovery, yet a swat team is waiting nearby.

You introduced a great twist by planting a decoy hacker. I enjoyed the ending with the decoy getting baptized - justice tempered with mercy.

Over all, great job. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Amusing, delightful with a great ending! Thanks for sharing this well written story! God bless!
:) I like this.

A few times, with the names like McAfee and such, there was a disconnect for me as to whether we were actually in the church, or whether we were supposed to be "in the computer."

I loved your last line. :)
An enjoyable read. I know all the names mentioned in your story from the anti-virus vendors and team. Interesting plot with good ending of one who is a repentant decoy. LOL. Well done.
I liked the beginning. The dialog felt realistic. Maybe it's because I'm from a very small and rural area but I had a hard time believing that a church would spend so much money on intricate equipment (but then our church doesn't even have internet access) It was a suspenseful story. The ending made me smile. I suspect there is a hidden message here too but my brain just isn't picking up on it. I did think you did a great job with this difficult topic.
Clever, comical and an entertaining read! Great job!
After reading the other comments I wanted to say Duh, Shann! My husband is an IT guy so I should have recognized the names. Now I know what I was missing. I'd like to think I wasn't the only one who didn't get it but I fear I am alone here in my ignorance. :)