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Very compelling exchange of words between the two mc's. Well done! I'm glad the girl decided to move on in the end. God bless!
I liked the way you used little punctuation and yet it read very easily right the way through and also illustrated a biblical truth. Well done!
I enjoyed the whole story, a common thread of society overall...There will always be the believers versus the non-believers. My favorite line, "However, Im going to pray for you, that God will raise your sights- to Him." Amen. God Bless~

Very effective one sided conversation that leaves no doubt as to what the other was saying! It is masterful how you so vividly showed the character of both through the conversation of only one! You really brought home the extreme difference in their character when the one had no compassion for the homeless man with no legs and his little dog! Just a terrific job on this and the message is so true! Too many Christians go ahead and marry non-believers and so much pain and heartache could be avoided if that did not happen! On a comical light noteI had to laugh at the conversation about chartreuse it is one of the few colors that I truly dislike! My family teases me about it! Too bad it was the unbelieving one who disliked the color as I do! LOL LOL But I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Great job!
This is excellent! Very creative treatment of the subject, and the one-sided dialog is quite effective in communicating both characters' feelings. Great job!
I really like how you presented this unique take on the topic. It drew me in right away and kept me to the end.

Small editing note: Okay should be spelled out or both letters capitalized.

This story is one I'm sure many can relate to. I know I didn't want to feel lonely so it was easy to think the wrong person was the right one. I paid dearly for that choice, and hope your story will stop others from choosing the wrong person for the wrong reason.
Congratulations Veronica on placing 3rd with this cleverly written piece.
Congratulations on your win! Nice job. God Bless you~
Lovely, creative style, unique form, great title.
I sign off on the rest of the comments. Great win! Congratulations!!