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Ah, very realistic battle. So important for us as a church to learn to love the people while not condoning the sin. You have one paragraph in the middle that switches to James' POV, but otherwise this was very well done.
Written with great compassion and yet the tension the subject required.
Love the strength of this story upholding righteousness, yet bolding claiming the unrighteousness of sin. Love the person - hate the sin.
Powerful and very much a part of the world of today. A good show of battle of wills and love versus hate. I enjoyed it.
Wow, it was really well written. The farther/ pastor is dealing with very hard issues. Maybe a answer to the man who stood up as to ask him and the congregation to pray for his son. It really brings the point home about how the church deals with this issue sometimes not in a very good way.
Much food for thought in this piece, about an issue many Christians struggle with, where is the line between loving the sinner and yet not accepting the sinful life that sinner has embraced. I believe our love is shone not in accepting any sin but in continuing to witness to the sinner his/her need for reconciliation with God. Anyone should be allowed in church to hear the word of God and have it minister to their souls,
but also any church that accepts homosexuality (or any sin), by marrying them or recognizing the life style as okay, is really the hate crime, because then the person is allowed to remain in a place the Bible says separates them from God!
Awesome piece portraying a very real conflict in the lives of many Christians, unfortunately. Perhaps more than any other, this particular sin is a true test of loving the sinner and hating the sin, in spite of the government taking the side of the sinner. Like abortion, this issue will continue to remain controversial. Your story is an effective way to begin conversations regarding this issue, great job!
Congratulations on your approach to this issue, as you expose the heartache of those caught between the blindness that attaches itself to both sides.
I love your imagery and your clarity. Well done - and get better soon.
Well done piece. The subject of homosexuality is everywhere right now. When the church puts it's hand up to say, "no this is wrong," it needs to put it's other hand out offering help and encouragement. I could feel the tension in Tom as he wrestled with loving his son and hating the sin.
Beautiful! 'The Holy Spirit unleashed all the prayers that had been bumbling around in his brain.' O I love this imagery. A story close to my heart. I'm at the altar stumbling words toward heaven railing against laws that bind Satan to the children of God.
This was such a tough story to write! I am impressed by your ability to address such a painful issue and to leave it just barely unresolved - as it is in so many churches today.
Excellent writing.