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I loved this! You did an outstanding job of pulling me in from the very beginning. The doctor's name was genius. It gave me the clue that things weren't going to go the way poor Irene was hoping for. Your surprised me with Tristan wanting a divorce and left me thinking about who the real mastermind really was, Tristan or Lori? Positively brilliant and a fresh take an the topic. I do believe this is one of my all time favorites!
This story is certainly fascinating with its ironic twist and revelation that all parties involved have been playing deceiving games, all with self-serving motives, lying to get what they think they want! Only the lies seem to land the worse on poor Irene! LOL But so often, how true in lifelistening to Satans lies, a person follows into what they think will bring happiness and peace, only to find torment there! A wonderfully crafted story with such a unique take on the topic! Great job!
A fantastic job of illustrating how trying to manufacture our own version of heaven always lands us in hell. I only wish I could see this without the word limit restriction. I have a feeling this could be wonderfully more convoluted and devious with more space to tell the whole story. Great job!
I really enjoyed this article. It was well written and held an interesting theme all the way through. Good job!
Wonderful, this is just what I've been looking for. I'm printing it off and placing it in with the mail for my wife...
I get the feeling that the peace will be short-lived. Very absorbing writing, with its touch of irony and its twists.