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Good story with an interesting twist - keep up the good work!
Very well-crafted story which builds the suspense in a credible way, though your word limit pushed the issue of potential death a little earlier than a longer piece would have enabled you to do.
I enjoyed the humour and the challenge of your closing twist. Excellent work.
Oh wow. I'm glad it didn't turn out to be real. :) Good job on writing this story!
This sure was a unique story! Is that experiment real? I've never heard of it. Great twist at the end. I can imagine the groans in the room.
Really, really interesting - loved the twist! I think it's a valuable lesson in not taking the easy way out.
What an interesting project you described. I wondered if this had really occurred in a university.I could see I was getting close to the end of the story and wondered how in the world you could describe this harrowing 24-hour period--good twist! Excellent characterization here.
This certainly was 'suspense-filled' - I wondered wherever it was heading and just what they had let themselves in for. A brilliant twist - a clever teaching - great writing. Well done.
Clever writing, clever professor. Thought provoking, too. It had me wondering how I would've responded and able to answer why in two thousands words.
Very very clever. Sneaky too!
What a story. I couldn't imagine them going through with it. Loved the angle at the end. What a great professor. Those students were a lot wiser and keener by Mondy. Well cone.
I remember that experiment. The results were brutal. I'm surprised how deeply I fell into the teacher's trap. I, along with the students, was ready to enter the experiment.

Great ending. Great message.
Shann, this is absolutely great in so many ways. Clever, definitely! Unique, an unquestionable, yes! AND I love the humor in the fantastic lesson!! As for me, I was outta there before that door closed! :)