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This was fascinating to me-all the analogies to the animal kingdom. Loved the descriptions.
Wow! Intense project for sure. I'm reading through the Bible in 90 days and that's a challenge in itself. I like how the MC gets drawn to what's going outside his window and makes great analogies. Good work.
Very interesting and how wonderful that God gave visual study aides in the nature outside the window as well as a needed snack to demonstrate why one might sell his birthright for stew.Great job.
I read the Bible through each year, but reading it through in 24 hours... wow, that would be difficult. You described the journey very well, and the nature vignettes were a very effective counterpoint. Good job!
Cramming for a final exam? Test day is coming, sooner or later. A delightful read.
What a great thing to do in 24 hours! Your descriptions were very vivid.
I have trouble getting through the Bible in a year. Very interesting presentation and enjoyed it.
God bless.
Vivid images, noises and emotions portrayed here with honesty and warmth. A challenging and enjoyable read.
I liked the way the MC considered the subtle messages God was sending his way as he made his way through the Bible. The Bible is made to make us think and consider - and as you've so well pointed out - can be seen in the practical lessons going on right before our eyes. I enjoyed, too, the heart of the MC in seeking God so diligently in not an entirely scholarly way.
I don't think the author is suggesting that he read through the entire Bible in 24 hours. Rather that he read background notes and selected passages from each book during that time. My audio Bible takes 19 hours to play through and that's only the New Testament.
I liked the way that the narrator fasted during this process, making for an even more uplifting spiritual experience. My own quibble would be that I felt you underplayed your final line (also the title) and that the allusion of Jacob's ladder as a way to get nearer to God could have better been developed earlier in the story.
Interesting take on this week's topic. There's so much in this story...I'll need to read it a couple more times cuz' there's so much here. I do like how the discipline changed his life.