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The words you used were beautiful and flowed well. I could feel your yearnings and desire to see Jesus and have Him erase our uncertainities.
Well done on all levels...the message of hope is there, your rhythm and rhythme (sp?) are exceptional. Beautiful.
Wonderful poem. Great timing and rhythm. I loved the way you captured so many people's feelings and then you brought out the truth that it won't matter. I think this will place very well!
Some thoughtful questions here for sure. Well written and versed, combining many poignant lines. I think of meeting our Lord face-to-face, and more than likely our questions will vanish in the presence of His grace. Blessings :)
What wonderful thoughts are expressed here! Who wouldn't want this face to face confrontation? And your poetic form is perfect. I think you've captured first place in this challenge.
A beautiful poem that expresses a conversation I think we've all desired. Very well done.
Oh, this is beautiful and marks the hope we all have when we finally go home to heaven. Love this.
Absolutely wonderful, beautiful, emotional and powerful poetry (the best yet, I think).
My favorite line: "Face to face, it then won't matter." Hallelujah!
Great devotional poem of the hope that one day God will fill in all the painful gaps!
Yes! This puts a longing n my heart for that great face to face moment. I think it will cause all our questions to vanish.
This says it all: "Face to face will come the knowing,
Face to face He'll speak my name,
In His arms all fear behind me
And I'll never be the same." Obviously written from a heart that knows that is true. Well done!

This is very pretty--it's rhythm and repetition remind me of that of a hymn. Set it to music, if you can!
Really wonderful poetry with an inspiring message. I think this is your best yet!
What a beautiful poem expressing a Christian's longing. Thank you.
I was singing this in my mind to the "Face to Face" tune also. Your message is filled with comfort. I long for that day. Lovely!
You were able to set to poetry the thoughts that run through our minds. Beautifully said!
I, too, immediately started singing "Face To Face with Christ, my Redeemer." What a sweet, yet powerful poem! I'm so proud of you, dearheart, and the great strides you've made in your writing. God bless your talent big time!
I like the rythm of the piece too. Very melodic and ministers a good point. Great job.
Well-written and rolls off the tongue. You did an outstanding job with this one.

This is one conversation I don't want to miss. Great job!
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 3 and 25 overall!