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I love the title! It is true so many of us just trudge through life without connecting to those around us. You did a good job showcasing your message.
I too love your title and your point was well made. Great story!
Ouch! You've been following me around lately, have you? I'm guilty of not noticing the important things since I'm so task oriented. This spoke directly to my heart. Excellent point to your story.
Great lesson learned here! It's so important to lay down our busy-ness every once and awhile and just be there to listen to people. I like how you ended it with Ken's decision to have a prayer meeting each day at work.

(P.S. The DJs at a radio station that I listen to are named Ken and Kristen. :) )
Very good approach to our conversation skills or lack therof. It is a stinging reminder, but with a good solution.
I thought she was very wise to suggest a solution for her husband's workplace that could also work for their marriage.

I did think that some of their individual speeches were a bit stiffer than natural conversation would be.

Good job of reminding us that even our church workers have difficulties in communication.
Great take on the topic. I kind of felt like I was watching a scene in the kitchen Of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo!

This would be great story to expand on and show us how the people reacted to his interest and how he reacted to their reactions!
Great title! I enjoyed this. Frankly, I was surprised that the husband took his wife's advice - he seemed kind of surly in the beginning. But good for him!