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This had me giggling right up to the last line when I started laughing heartily! I enjoy to people watch too, but hopefully, I'm not as critical as Agnes. But it is a nice reminder, we often judge on looks alone and if we think those thoughts, it won't be long before we speak them. Great story.
Ouch. You hit way too close to home for me:) Hopefully I'm never as bad as this crotchety old lady! Cute story. Glad Agnes got what was coming to her! :)
Ha ha ha and LOL, too funny. This was great, even though I shared Agnes' sentiments:) And btw...I too despise Pepto Bismol Pink!
Oh my gosh, this was hysterical. I was smiling and giggling the entire time!

And I LOVE the twist at the end! It really hit home. How often am I too busy judging others to notice the plank in my own eye?

I think, if I'm not careful, I may turn into Agnes in the not so distant future, and oh how I just love to people watch, especially in a hotbed like a food court.

great job!
Ouch! LOL! I love your title (and the alliteration). You had many fabulous lines, among them "Lady GooGoo" :) This was so enjoyable to read!
Very fun and easy to read! I loved hearing her thoughts and how they contrasted with what she actually said. Great writing!
A fun story with an implied, but very important message:
A critical nature demeans the criticizer. I Love how Agnes got her comeuppance.
Pride really does go before the fall. Great reminder for me to examine my heart and guard my tongue. Ouch!
Loved it! Loved it! Made me laugh! Just wondering if Agnes is aggravated everyday! Thanks I needed that!
I love humor and so I certainly enjoyed this. What a funny, well-written story. great all the way. Love the ending.

Yes, yes, yes!! I believe I know Agnes and her friend. This was well-written, with great imagery and dialog, and one of the best endings I've read in a long while. Great fun with a great message!
The gap is obvious! The way we think and perceive is certainly far from what our younger ones think today. Understanding one another will be a great achievement! Reminds me of Colossians 3:21.
I knew this was a winner. Congrats on your EC!

Hilarious!!!!! Thanks for the good story and good laugh!
Very nicely done! Congratulations...