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This is a beautiful poem and so true both in the sad part and the part to see like Jesus. Very well done.
Well done my good and faithful friend! You've brought to light the focus of our charge in Christ. To be servants to those in need, and once again in "Carol Fashion", you've touched the eyes of our hearts.
When did we see thee? and Jesus replied, ... you did not do it unto me. Thanks for reminding me not to miss truly seeing those whom Jesus loves.
What a compelling poem! I felt such a mixture of guilt, of concern, of sadness, of responsibility, all woven in a beautiful but thoughtful challenge for us to pay attention to the hurting all around us. This is a wonderful entry, dear friend, and I applaud you for posting it as a reminder for me to try again to be the arms and legs of my Savior to those who are so needy.
The message of this poem is so true. It has special meaning for me right now...two nights ago several people from our church drove around the neighborhood, praying for the neighbors and businesses in the area. Our eyes are much more open to their needs and concerns now then even two days ago. We are already coming up with new strategies as to how we can reach out and help them. Thanks for this timely, meaningful poem.
If ever there was a compelling, convicting,yet inspiring, sermon in a poem, this is it.
Carol, this is beautiful and tender, with a message to challenge. Excellent for the topic. I love this!
Carol, this is just wonderful. The person standing by the road with a 'work for food' sign came to mind for some reason. So often we turn away.
Thank you.

This is so excellent. It totally touched my heart. Oh my goodness, Beautiful, touching, convicting, Inspiring and true. Totally loved it. Wish I'd written it myself, but I've got some growing to do to get up to this one.