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Such powerful and comforting words
A lovely and fresh way to compare the gospels, and give rise to John as the bridge, sturdy, powerful, and well told.
Your message here, is so powerful. God's ways are so above man's, and yet He loved man, as you so eloquently show. For the topic -- You demonstrate the ultimate writer's skill/craft by showing us God's Written Word, the Person of the Logos/Word. Wonderful writing (and message) here!
Provocatively written!
Beautiful. Loved some of your unusual word-choices like 'plain-vanilla people' and 'brittle' instead of die. Those really made me pause and think.
Loved reading about the background of Jesus' time...very informative.

The sentence beginning with "Matthew" had me a little confused as to exactly what you were trying to say. And the sentence "He had met Jesus as a fiery character with an equally aggressive brother" I had to re-read a couple of times to figure out what was describing who. But knew what you meant.

Very creative piece. And isn't it interesting that when we first introduce someone to the Bible we almost always suggest they read "John" first?

Great job with this!