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You made mythology interesting for me- something that is not easy to do. I really liked your last line. Well done.
I'm so glad you hinted--I LOVE this! Great job integrating your knowledge of mythology and classical literature... I'm impressed. This is fun to read all the way through, and the ending is wonderful. Well done!
A great title for this story! Not being familiar with all of the characters, it was a lot of names in for short piece. With more words, you could have brought out their individual characters more, like you did with Erato. Still, it was very enjoyable, with a good ending.
Lots of good stuff going on here. Excellent writing. It's on topic. Wealth of information and fun as well.

I liked this. Clever approach and fun to read all the way through.
I had trouble with the frosted grapes-- wondering where they'd find frosted grapes unless that's just something that can be mythically conjured up with the hand clap :).
The only real issue I have is wondering how it applies to the writer's skill or craft unless it's to say they don't really own the skill or craft and that it's given to them by the gods.
In spite of the color of my pen, it was really well done.
Very creative work -- and an enjoyable entry, (listening in on the gods), then the acknowledgment that there is a "Creator God."
Your use of dialogue is great. This was a very enjoyable read.