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This was a delightful read and left me with a smile on my face.
Neat story. Perhaps Matt's downfall was for a reason, eh? Could be God has "other" plans for him - like using his talent for Him and carrying His message to a world hungering for the truth. Just a thought...(*.*) Nice job.
I still like it-you definitely had a lesson to teach. For a journalist a big part of his skill or craft would be to make sure the facts are correct.
Thought this was quite on topic. Researching facts before writing is definitely a skill/craft, even with fiction. :)
Also thought this was well written and had good dialogue. Great message on morals too.
*applauds* I really liked this story. I thought your dialog was excellent, and your meaning was very clear too. Good take on the topic.
I thought this article was a Slam Dunk on steroids :-D

I enjoyed it. It was very engaging, held my attention and interest the whole way through... At the end all I could think was OUCH!
Oh man the coffee smelled good! (in your opening sentence) :) I hope Jimmy learned a bit about ethics and journalism. You've crafted a great story.
Very well done! This was an excellent idea for this topic.

A little red:
I love the first part of your opening sentence but it gets too wordy and thereby loses some of it's oomph. (that is just my opinion)

I like how you start with the sense of smell (coffee and ink mingled...very interesting) and then the sense of hearing. (clackity-clack of typewriters) Draws me in and sets the "stage."

Keep writing. This was great. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.:)
Journalism without investigation is a dangerous game. This journalist did not follow the ethical code right, so hes getting his just desserts. Regarding the opening sentence being kind of wordy, I think Im with Eliza, but I like the part on the clickity-clack. I guess the latter did better in putting pictures in the readers mind to draw them into the story. Overall, its an Interesting read and well written.
I enjoyed reading this one. I was glad that Matthew didn't get away with stretching the truth - there are so many people today that have no problem with stretching the truth to fit their agenda!
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.