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I absolutely love the brilliant way you compared genesis chapter 1 to the art of writing. What a marvelous idea and done masterfully.
Thoughts formed words,
Words became sentences,
Sentences blossomed into stories
...Very "creative" writing, liking story building to creation...I like your poem. "And God put thoughts into your head, and you formed them into a poem." (unquote--me!)...That's just what you did..."And it was GOOD!"...Helen
Lovely metaphor! I really love the way this poem blooms!
Awesome! Brilliant piece of work! I'm speechless. The many different writers of the Bible planted seed, each in their own style, and then on down through the ages to us, the Modern-day Faithwriters, who continue to sow the seed so God will say, "That It is Good." Excellent job!

When I read Masterpieces like this, I wish I could return to Intermediate where I belong, but they won't let me, (*.*)
You have written the heart cry of all Christian have "stories
yielding seed, books bearing fruit" and to write something with "eternal value"...beautiful work!
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.
Wonderful. I had to read this to my wife snd was hard to do through the tears. Your writing is definitely bearing fruit. God bless. And keep writing.
Amazing. Truly enjoyable writing! Great job!