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Kathryn Lindskoog, has some very good points. And you too brought out some very valid guidelines for writing. Some people think that writing for God is just throwing down on paper (or into the computer) thoughts that truly DO come from God. But then they just leave them like that, saying: "These words were inspired by God." Yes, but God expects us to do some of our own thinking too--You know the old saying: 1% Inspiration, 99% perspiration...Helen
I'm thinking that using portions of another writer's book is inappropriate for submission? Your own suggestions are worthy alone...
This is very good advice. I'll have to come back to it often to make sure I'm checking off all of the steps. Thanks for sharing.
Originality is missing in this entry along with some "spices" to make it more appealing and tastier ...if you know what I mean? But wise words none the less...Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for writing this. I am a "newbie" so really appreciate reading instructions and pointers like yours.

Some very good advice for those who want to Write for God. You wrapped this one up very well in the last paragraph. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!
I really like this and enjoyed all the great advice. Never heard of that author so will definitely check her out. I liked your heart and soul of sharing such a wealth of information with fellow writers. Thank You!
Thanks for reminding us of what we should be doing as Christian writers. Well done.
Wow, thanks, I really benefitted from this article. I never heard of the writer or her book mentioned so I both enjoyed her suggestions and yours a lot. Thanks for sharing.
You give your reader a lot to think about. As a devotional this fits the topic perfectly. It's beautiful to see one's heart so in tune with and your desire in "writing for God."
Well done. I liked your closing prayer and points 10, 11, and 12 the best.