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Sometimes writers need God to clear some things up for us!
Fun, creative entry - good job!
Wow. I feel like I have had almost that exact conversation with God myself. You did an outstanding job with this week's topic. Wonderful things do happen when we listen to God.
I was rather taken aback (shocked) by the common street talk or "slang" expressions used by the Holy of Holiest, God Almighty - however, to each his own....
I wasn't shocked at all. (I have a feeling God Almighty smiles at our attempts to describe His Holiness and how that's projected. I really do think He may no longer speak in King James' English only.) This entry made me smile, but more than that, it made me think. God DOES have plans for our writing, and I needed this reminder He is in charge and in love with His plans for me...all the things I've experienced, He plans to use for good. I love this!
I liked this piece. I think God talks to us in language we can relate to and understand. The way he expresses something to one person may be expressed to another in an entirely different way. I enjoyed the writer's conversation with God about God's plan for him or her. I too have felt God's call to write for his glory, and I have a desire for the things I write to minister to others.
I agree about God speaking to us in terms we can understand. Cool dialogue.
Good job!
This is what having a personal relationship with God should like - a conversation with a friend who knows us inside and out (literally) and tells us what we need to hear. This article eye-opening for me, and was so very encouraging. I think I'll save this one for when I wonder what in the world I'm doing here. :) Thank you!
Thanks for the reminder that God gives us the ability to write for His purposes.
The "Master Writer"… love your creativity. I appreciate your reminder, "You are saved FOR good works-not BY good works." You've effectively used these verses!
Ok Kim...I came to the line "You're kidding, right?" and I could HEAR you saying the phrase because we have met face-to-face. It made me settle in with a smile and enjoy the give and take casual conversation.
Nice take on the topic. I particularly like the part "Remember when you started to hear my voice about writing? I planted a seed in you that began to develop over time." I've felt like that before, and I know God is molding me each step of the way to use what He has given me for His glory. My heart's desire is to write for Him to touch lives. Glad you shared this from a perspective that tells a lot.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.