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I loved this poem. My mom died several years ago, and I always notice when i see a little bit of her in my kids and in me.
You made a single tear fall down by cheek with your words. Thank you.
Really great thoughts in this prose-type entry; (I guess prose is the correct word for non-rhymed, but poetic type format); but it was lovely, and gave us something to 'Think' about when it comes to our passing...what will they remember about us when we're gone. Very, very nice job on this Topic...(*.*)
Come to think of it - I can hear them. It took your writing, to make me shh enough though. Nicely done.
What a precious reminder your words are, to the truth we can leave behind a legacy of love, that continues to bless others, even when we are no longer living.

Your challenge piece encourages me to be fully aware in the present so that my choices now will bless others when I am gone. Thank you.
Your message came through very strongly, using the poetic form you chose, and was well composed. And I too thank you for the message, which lifted and encouraged me also.
The quote you have as part of your signature in the message boards is so great, I had to come check out your writing and get acquainted. :)

I appreciate the moral of your poetic entry, here, also. It brings to mind how we serve as links in a chain from ancestors to descendants and we pray that each of us will be a strong link for those coming along behind us. By the way, I literally do hear my grandfather's beautiful voice when I listen to my brother singing in his church choir.
Geneology fascinates me too. I enjoyed the way you mention those who've gone on, and how they're reflected in the current generation. Reminds me of the great song, "May All Who Come Behind Me Find Me Faithful" (that's my prayer). Very nice work!