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Love the title and the last line!
So insanity is hereditary - you get it from your kids! Loved this energetic profile of life with all our bundles of joy. Loved the ending too.
Sounds to me like Patrick got the better deal
Maybe you can find another Walmart and rotate? I loved this, I know several families who experience this regularly. Good Job!
Boy, can I ever relate to this story! A fun read! Thanks!
oh funny! I could see everything you described! I enjoyed this, from the title to the end!
hehe, what handfuls!

On the opening sentence "out of everything" made me think along the lines of "of all things."

Enjoyable read for sure!
What a great story and every mother and grandmother and even aunts and cousins can relate to it. Are kids the greatest little treasures on earth or what? Great story, my friend!! Big time kudos to you!!
A nice story about how tough it is to shop with little ones.
Reminds me of a time I took two of my grandchildren to Walgreens. I'm surprised they never put up a wanted poster of me. Okay, there were some grammar errors here and there cuz' you were in a hurry to get it submitted before the deadline. Even so, it was still a fun story to read. And all mothers can relate. I'm glad you got it in before the deadline.
I read the beginning of your story in Jan's lesson. It made me laugh so much that I had to read the whole thing. I first looked in masters but I found you in level 3. I though your story was very well written, and if I had come across it in a magazine, I would have felt that the time it took to read it was well spent. Good Job.