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Very amusing and good spin on Grr.
I thought perhaps there should have been a little more conflict over the statue, perhaps internal.
It seemed to imply that the statue was precious to her, however her response, though it was good, did not imply that she cared about the statue anymore. Perhaps a little more drama here.
Love how the dog got involved
I loved this story. It was lighhearted and comical. I disagree with the previous comment regarding the statues. One time I took a small chunk out of the front bumper of my husband's beloved Mustang. His response to me was, "You're more important than the bumper." That has hung with me for years because at a time when he could've really taken it out on me, he responded in love. So, I liked the fact that Beth realized that her husband's value was more important than statues that can be replaced.
I liked the story and the title, good job.
One of the best life comedy pieces I have ever read here. The plus was the great message.
Perfect title as well.
You made me smile. I enjoyed the description of the dog immensely. How nice to have a relationship filled with that kind of love.
Very well done! Loved the story, the people, the dog, and the disposal! Thanks for an entertaining read (and the punny title).
Lots of fun here! Is there anything more amusing than our hubby's efforts to repair something he knows nothing about? Mine is so like your character.

This is so amusing and one I can too easily identify with. I'm not so sure I could have kept my patience and piece of mind as your characters were able to do. They've set a good example of keeping things in perspective.
Oh, great story! I hope I would be as nice as Beth about an "accident" like this. Something to strive for, certainly! Loved the humorous touches, too. Well done.
Good one! Grrreat title and grrreat ending! :-D
This is so realistic! Great story.
Loved this story with the creative title. Not everyone can forgive so easily, but definitely the way it should be.
So cute - loved it! And, like the others, I think the title is great!
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