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What a heart-clencher!
Good reasons for us to tell our loved ones daily what they mean to us.

I felt kind of yanked around by the was such a huge contrast to the sweetness of the first half.

I like your title--good "hook".
My heart is broken...Can you hear my sobs?
How can I possibly comment through these tears?...but I'll try.

Again this has shown us how very important it is to take every opportunity to express our love and appreciation to those close to us. Well done.
Ohhh, I read this earlier in the week & have to say it is a beautiful love story and oh, so sad.
I wasn't expecting that ending. This is a sweet story, though, that reminds us of the importance of appreciating our loved ones on a daily basis.
Oh, that was positively mean. I totally didn't see that ending. I have goosebumps now. Very good writing but so emotionally painful.
Very nice, with a heart wrenching twist. My only suggestion might have been to personalize it by naming the wife. The lack of a name to appreciate and a name to mourn kept me at a distance from the story as the events unfolded. Just my two cents. Great work on the twelve was extremely fluid and real, so much more successful tham a laundry list approach.
Where's a tissue? I did not see that coming... Positively heart wrenching. The note to his wife was so beautifully written.