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Excellent! Only one small mistake that I saw: "for a his lack..."

BUT other than that...I kept reading...couldn't stop! You grabbed me at the beginning and kept me wondering what was going to be said next the whole way through!


May God bless you and keep you writing!

Dan Blankenship

What a delightful read! I could have written this when I was 19 because I didn't want to grow up, either. The MC has a playful, endearing quality that suggests she'll be a loving, adaptable wife when the time is right. You might want to watch your punctuation and also the use of .... Those things are easily remedied and I predict you're well on your way to Master's. You go, girl!
Well-written, I enjoyed reading your work.
This is one young lady that is too young to marry. I didn't quite get the blood, medical issue at the beginning. If she gets martital counseling, it's doubful she would be advised to get married at this time.
I get the dilemma...youth, adult.
I LOVE it! What a fun, fun story. I love Cara, and I feel like I know her. Maybe you could have introduced the fiance's name earlier in the story - it kind of threw me when it was finally revealed, but other than that minuscule thing - SUPER! Love the last line too. :)
LOL! I want a four-wheeler, right. lol. Great dialog and interaction between the two MC's. I loved the romantic twist on it and the honesty of the two of them. Good job!
Kaylee, this story is adorable, and I'm going to feature it on the Front Page Showcase for the week of November 16th. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page--and congratulations!
Great attention grabbing lines. Sucked me in and perfect for the topic.
As a 17 year old who has been good friends with another 17 year old who just got special permission from court in Australia to get married underage, I can see a big maturity difference between my friend and your character. I like how they are being honest and both admit their immaturity but I wouldn't be letting her get married if she was my daughter.
Hi Kayla,

I'm late leaving a comment on this because I just joined Faithwriters,but wanted to say I like it. it's so good - because you are able to express the feelings in good dialogue - that's not easy.

God Bless,

Flora Sawyer
Sorry I spelled your name wrong last time, Kaylee,

Hee hee hee! That's a great story, Kaylee. I noticed it on the front page of FW and the humorous dialogue sucked me in and I had me to read the whole thing. Very funny and touching and wise. I'm 23 and I don't feel ready to get married! But maybe not many people do. I like the girl's childish goofiness, I can definitely relate. God bless! I too want a four-wheeler... but not that bad. XD