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Very fun and creative take on the topic! I loved this.
I love your creativity with words! "Resili-Aunt," "Import-Aunt," "Dilig-Aunt", and especially "Serve-Aunt". I need to strive to be that kind of Aunt. Then your wonderful play on words with "In the end they each gave up and all cried out, "UNCLE!" I love that! And your title is PERFECT! This was so much fun to read and your message was excellent!
Heehee! This made me chuckle here! I loved the names for the Aunts and especially at the end where they all cried out "Uncle!" Very well done-I loved it! ^_^
I love that ending - it is perfect! This was a very enjoyable read...
I would suggest that you add more punctuation to make this "flow" a little more easlily...
Great job with a fun poem that does a great job matching the topic!
This was truly clever and fun at the same time. To get what seemed a difficult idea to rhyme is truly creative. I really enjoyed it.
Very enjoyable. I loved how you gave each aunt a name that represented their action. Throwing in "uncle" at the end was great. Good job!