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What a life. So enjoyed your painting it here. Keep up the good words.
Beautifully written. One of the best that I've read so far in "Uncle."
I love this description (and I'd love to visit this place), "the isolation of a Palouse wheat farm, in a two story white house located down a long lane and nestled in a draw between the undulating hills." This is wonderfully worded, "there was family sweat equity fertilizing the soil from generation to generation" -- it's a perfect description of a family (or century) farm. You were brave, I was always afraid of the "cranky hens". :) I hope this is a true story… cause your Uncle sounds like an amazing man. Great work on this! I enjoyed reading it.
Your words give a beautiful description of your life on your uncle's farm and the legacy of wonderful memories he has bestowed on you. I was able to enjoy what you experienced because of the way you planted what you felt.
This is gentle and peaceful--a lovely thing to read.
Lovely writing, as is usual for you! This portrait of your uncle and the family farm is filled with tender descriptions and emotions. Beautiful work!
A lovely read. The words you use paint a beautiful picture.

As I read this, I pictured a painting of a man off in the distance standing atop a hill working the land.

A very nice tribute to your uncle that I hope you share with all of your family.
This is a great tribute/memory. I liked it and especially the little details you wove throughout. Nice job! ^_^
This is such a beautifully written loving tribute to not only the man, but his way of life. It is rich in memory and insights that only someone of a tender heart and soul could write. Thank-you for sharing this wonderful story and helping me to re-call some of the same warm memories of my own aunt and uncle back on the Kansas plains.