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Wow! I could feel myself running down the aisle with this man. I am almost sure you are a worship leader to be able to capture worship the way you did. Excellent. Love this story and the message.
Your excellent entry really shows how the words of a song can awaken a needy heart to God. Very well done.
Your story touched me. Tears fill my eyes as I type...and may I add that this is right on target. Thanks for this wonderful story of God's wonderful love for all...God Bless.
This was a beautiful story, absolutely perfect for the topic, and very well written. I loved it.
Masterfully done, and the pacing is just perfect.
I know exactly how the man felt. This is how I felt when I came to the Lord at the age of 12. There was this incredible sense of urgency and then when I could stand it no longer. I fled to the front of the church and felt as though a warm fire was spreading through me. This was so real, the emotions perfect. Very well done, Marita, you've captured it well!!
Absolutely beautiful! (How did the words on this monitor get so fuzzy?) God Bless...thank you for writing such a lovely piece.
Great job, Marita! That is one of my favorite songs! Well done.
Beautiful and moving. I could feel the momentum building, and with your MC's urgency, as the song reached its crescendo. Great writing, right on topic.
A very good piece of writing altogether. I liked it--even though the message was familiar, you still made it fresh.
I think we may have a placer here. you drew me in and held me. The song was a great tool and you used it well. I'd like to know the rest of the story.....
This is one of my favorite worship songs.

As I was reading this, I saw myself being transported into that church. I was sitting near that man, and I watched as he struggled with his thoughts and then finally broke free and went up to the front to get prayed for.

Being able to transport someone directly into your story is the sign of a great writer. You did just that for me.

Moving up to Masters soon maybe? :)
You captured the tugging of the Holy Spirit very well. Nice job.
Oh, cool!! This is a perfect story to go with this song! Great job!!
This is excellent illustration of the lesson and well written. I could feel the Spirit move in the MC and was so glad when he finally said yes. This is good.
Oh I SO love that song! It tied in so well with this, it's been awhile since I've read lyrics that went so well with a particular piece. This was just great, it made me smile at the end. I love your title too-really great job! ^_^
This is so true. So many hesitate, but I'm glad your MC did finally heed the call. You pulled me right along with him. Nicely done.
Way to go, Marita! MASTERS for you, girl. Great job!
***Congrats on your win!*** Yay!
Just excellent, Marita. I love how you wove the actions with the song lyrics. Exceptional, and you are SO deserving of your placing. Excellent, girl!
Just beautiful and so real, and so deserving of your win. Congratulations! Loren
Congratulations on your 3rd place. This is a beautiful story, and one many people can identify with. Hearing that call...but hesitating. Good job with the topic.
Congratulations, Marita! I loved reading this again. This line just echoes in my heart, "God, are you here? Do you remember me?" Fabulous.