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So very deep. I was rather lost through much of this, but the last paragraph clarified things for me. (I'm not a deep person *roll*) I loved this line: 'the command was not to survive but to believe.' So very true.
Good writing, with some deep analogies to the struggle with sin.
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I will be reading this one again, but wanted to say right of that you have a wonderful way with words. At first I was intrigued as to who or what Indigo was and then I realized you were descibing the sky. Wonderful! A different title might get more reads. Keep it up.
I read this three times - not because I couldn't understand it, but because the descriptions were so wonderful. I could picture everything. The crows sitting on the frosty lampposts, even fog rolling around. Your gift for words is superb – “My heart strained to pull back my former contentment but discovered only a shriveled carcass.” – Unbelievably good. Your last sentence capped the whole narrative wonderfully. I stand and applaud.
Some great lines in this piece. Enjoyed it. God bless.