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This is a beautiful story. I love your wonderful descriptions of the pictures the wife is storing up, and I love the tenderness of her husband. This fits the topic very well.
As I go back and review the title, I see that you gave us a clue, but I only connected it afterwords. Your excellent descriptions had me right on the beach with them.
Such a Fantastic, beautiful, and touching story - and then the last line...You brought me to tears! I loved this story, "In Her Mind's Eye", such a precious story. Kudos, with a standing ovation!
Lump-in-the-throat excellent.
Oh how beautiful! I just loved the line at the end "Ill leave the light on for you, Maggie - just a little while longer." What a wonderful relationship this couple have. You have done a superb job with this entry, Mandy.
An absolutely precious story! What a great picture you painted of the trip, and the lovely couple. A perfect illustration of the topic, too.
Aw, this was really sweet. Your ending was perfect. Red ink: Don't forget that ellipses are two hyphens from one word to--the--next without spaces.
Thanks for sharing these tender moments. I felt like I was eavesdropping, you put me there. Keep up the good words.
"Turquoise water lapped against the sugar white sand between her toes. Billowing sails of proud little vessels played against the backdrop of a cloudless, azure sky. Salty ocean air permeated her nostrils as she took a deep, cleansing breath."

Wow. You have the most amazing way of wording your descriptions like the lines I listed above.

I also loved the last line. A very touching story of lifelong love.

Aww, what a sweet couple! I loved the relationship between them, especially with George leaving the light on for Maggie. That's so sweet and special, it really summed up his character in that one action and made Maggie seem wonderful. Great job! ^_^
You sure know how to stir up the emotion; AND write very well. Enjoyed it.
What a tender story. I'm so glad I got to read it because it gives me more insight into your own heart.
You write so well that I am not surprised at your placement though it should have been much higher. I'll watch your entries with interest and will start going back and reading your archived work. What a blessing!
What a beautiful love story. Your descriptions brought the ocean, salty air and the beautiful night sky to life. Great job. You certainly know how to show and not just tell. You are a talented writer. :-)