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I liked your story and your transition into Jim witnessing to Felix. (I'm curious, was Felix's name chosen for a reason?) Nice writing!
What a good lead into witnessing! I was a little distracted by their constant use of eachother's names but you captured how it is for first time flyers. Good job!! :-)
I really liked the heart of your story. The title was catchy too. I also hate to fly so I could really identify with your main character. I've been to Dothan many times, you do the city proud. God bless.
Fine writing and believable dialogue had me reading this entry straight through. I like the characters and I'd like to know what happens to Jim on his first missionary journey.
This is great! Funny story about this. I was sitting on a flight a few weeks ago, and I prayed before I went on: "Lord, I don't want to be selfish this time. Please let me be fully available to You with the people sitting next to me today." So here I am, all ready to talk about Him, a lady sits down, smiles at me. I say "hello," and she said "Hola." That is the only word I understood from her the whole flight, except for "Coca-Cola." Too bad I didn't know enough Spanish to be able to hear her say "Yes, Jesus."

Great story!
A seat mate to "practice" on. I like that idea. This was a good read. Very nicely done.
I liked the first part of this very much--you made the characters quite real.

The little epilog fizzled a bit, perhaps because you slipped into "Christianese." Find a new way to say it, perhaps, and you'll sustain the same high level of writing as the rest of the story.
I loved the name of Felix. It gave a mysterious sort of air to this plane stranger. I liked the transition between Jim's fear of flying and grief from having just buried his father. Wow. What a great story.
I enjoyed this story. Just wondering, since it was his first plane flight, why was the title Second Flight....I may be dense, so excuse me if I am missing the point here.